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Welcome to our online witchy supply store for eclectic witches alike. We make our spell products at Spellbound with our most magickal intent. We endeavor to use natural, cruelty free ingredients. Some products contain herbs; essentials oils and may contain almond or there may be traces of nuts. If you have allergies please be aware and contact us first before purchasing. We can advise on the more suitable product or perhaps make something especially for you.  We are happy for you to ask questions before your purchase. We encourage everyone to take responsibility for what is used on their skin.  That is the purpose of good natural and healthy products and each of you is individual. We want to cater for your needs. You are important to us!

***Spells. Ours is a belief in the manipulation of energy infused with intent. We do not guarantee success as all corresponding factors need be used by the spellcaster.  The success is in the witch’s intent. To that end we send you the best magickal energy***

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