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Vampire Kit

Vampire Kit

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Discover witchcraft on another level! Introducing the new ‘Vampire Kit’ Created by the team of witches at Spellbound Gloucester. Designed to repel & disperse psychic attack, this kit will give you the tools required to remove that draining energy.


Sympathetic magick at it’s finest! Sympathetic magick is effective with the correspondence & intent of the spellcaster.


The term ‘vampire’ is to those who drain your energies and so we believe this vampire kit will be a must have for many!


Handcrafted by powerful witches, it is a truly comprehensive collection of 12 valuable tools! Inside contains soo much, including a guide on how to truly get the best out of using it!


What does this Vampire Kit contain:

*Holy Book

*Black Poppet




*Wooden Cross

*Rosary Beads

*Vampire oil

*Vampire Incense resin

*Garlic Powder

*Witch’s Holy Water

*White and Black Beeswax Candles


*Disclaimer: This kit is not to be used for the destruction or harm to any person.


Suitable for those over 18 only! 


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