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Frankincense Wash Spell

Frankincense Wash Spell


Feel at peace daily. The king of essential oils; eases anxiety boost immunity & protective.


Purification prior to rituals, a witchy must have!


Silky smooth, chemical free, natural - vegan castile soap wash.


May be used to purify and consecrate your magickal items 


Lovely to wash yourself with too!


How to use the Magick Spell Washes:

  • Concecrate your body
  • Concecrate Objects
  • Visualisation whilst using
  • Use in Poppet Magick


For Best Results: Shake well before use;  we advise to use within 6 months. 


Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use internally. Avoid Eyes. Patch test on skin before use, if causes irritation discontinue to use immediately. 


Sold Individually


Presented in a 100% recyclable plastic bottles (300ml)


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