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Shadow Work

Shadow Work


Designed to bring you the level of self-empowerment you deserve!

Start or even continue your journey with us by downloading our e-Course today!


You will be added to a private 1-1 group via our 'Spaces by Wix' app where you will have opportunity to ask questions with Toni and share your course developments.


*Intense course with homework over a period of 6 sessions

(Recommended 4 hours study per session, plus self-study in between each session)


This course is about self-discovery and healing!


What is included in the e-Course?


*6 sessions (recommended 4 hours study per session plus 2 self-study hours)

*Audio Meditation included

*Q&As with Toni Hunt

*1-1 Guidance

*Practical self-study tasks

*Independent research and discovery

*Progressive individual programs available

*1x 30 minuet 1-1 coaching session with Toni via video call

(additional 1-1 coaching sessions are available click here to book yours now)



Each session entails the session presentation, alongside the work book sent to you in the post. You shall be expected to work honestly through the course to identify the best results for you!

Start today and access Raven School of Witchcraft

What will this course cover?


SESSION 1 - Introduction to Shadow Work including; What; Why; Behavioural Traits & Scenarios

SESSION 2 - Physician Know Thyself

SESSION 3 -Misconceptions and Perceptions

SESSION 4 – Understanding you at the core, time to be really honest!

SESSION 5 – Identify those triggers and how to deal with them.

SESSION 6 – Self-reflection and your journey to the best version of you!


"The course will involve a truly wide range of self-study tasks…therefore this is not for the faint hearted or those who are not ready to reveal the true self that looks back at you in the mirror!"


If you are unsure if this course is suitable, please email us;


Meet Your Tutor

Toni R Hunt – Founder and Director of Spellbound (Gloucester) Ltd & Raven School of Witchcraft.

With over 30+ years’ experience and lots of life experience you truly will find this course will elevate you in life! Guiding you through each session over a 30-day period.

Toni is qualified not only in adult education, but also a range of alternative holistic therapy healing services. This experience provides all of our students with a heightened advantage with personal development in all courses provided, online or in person!



What will you need to do once you have signed up for Witch School e-Course?

*Download the 'Spaces by Wix' app from your smart device app store or google play store

*Sign into the app (using your login details for our website) OR click 'got an invite code?' and enter the code "RRTBVV"

*Click "Join"

*Click on "Raven" + "Members app"

*Click "Online Groups"

*Request to join the relevant group for your e-Course


If you do have any questions or would like help understanding how to join our e-Courses etc feel free to contact us.


This course is extremely empowering and lots of fun.


Please read terms for full T&Cs

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