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Lemongrass Aura Spray Spell

Lemongrass Aura Spray Spell


It’s magickal properties are known to be one of the most powerful essential oils enhancing self confidence; purification & cleansing


Created with a unique blend of essential oils by the witches of Spellbound Gloucester


Contains: Lemongrass; Citrine Crystal Chips and of course the witches spell with powerful energy!


For Best Results: Shake well before use; spray around your aura, close your eyes in visualization; deep breath in and inhale the spell as it activates around your aura. 


Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use internally. Avoid Eyes. Patch test on skin before use, if causes irritation discontinue to use immediately. 


Sold Individually


Presented in a 50ml glass spray bottle, which can by 100% reused or recycled


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