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Chakra Balance Roller Oil

Chakra Balance Roller Oil


We have moments in life where our chakras can become off balance; this beautifully cented roller will provide the lift you need to help realign your chakras.




*Chanell your energy

*Remove energy blockages

*Enhance you spiritual awareness

*Lift your mood


Travel easy with the discrete roller oils, also good for use in meditation as well as everyday use!


Contains: Chakra crystals chips & witchcraft


How to use the Magick Spell Oils:

  • You may wish to anoint yourself on pulse points
  • Anoint objects
  • Visualisation


For Best Results: Shake well before use;  we advise to use within 6 months. 


Disclaimer: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use internally. Avoid Eyes. Patch test on skin before use, if causes irritation discontinue to use immediately. 


Created with a unique blend of natural oils by the witches of Spellbound Gloucester.


Sold Individually


Presented in a 10ml glass roller bottle, which can by 100% reused or recycled


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